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Cosmetic surgery for cats:
--Huge controversy in pure bred community regarding tail lifts and breast reductions. Over bred Queens speak out.

--Is it just for fun or are there serious addiction issues? Watch new reality tv show "Intervention:The Cat Episodes."

Global news: 

--Siamese cats allowed to keep only one female per litter . 
--Persians protest presence of United States in theMiddle East.

--Domestics want downward dog position removed from Yoga class.

Domestic issues: 

--How to deal with the Alpha cat and still keep the betas happy.

Cat Safety:
-Defend yourself from a hoarder, learn the warning signs...remember it could be the family next door.. go in for some friskies..come out with the ASPCA in a freezer..

Feline Astrology:
Are certain breeds more perceptive..Is there a gypsy breed and how they take advantage.

-Whats in for summer and the effects of global warnming on cats. Sunscreen yes or no?