Some say she is Abby The Bad Tabby

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Lyrics and Pictures to Abby the Brown Tabby

Abby the brown tabby

She sleeps all day

And she plays all night

She has a coat that's soft as down and her tail is black and brown

Abby the brown tabby she jumps on the couch and she watches TV

And she likes to chase Big Red, bite his tail and cuff his head

Abby the brown tabby, she likes to eat all day and night

She purrs so sweet when she wants a treat, she licks your

toes and tickles your feet 

Abby the brown Tabby she likes to play all day and night

And when you think she's almost done, she starts again to have more fun

Abby the brown tabby that's about it for this old tune but Abby goes on to play all day cause that's what Abby does all day