Some say she is Abby The Bad Tabby

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Friends of Abby

Homer, Domestic Tabby, Abby’s Brother. Friendly, handsome, a bit of a rogue. Often seen hanging around the pool. Abby puts up with him, he’s family.

Rusty, year old long haired  Orange. Likes a good tummy rub before bedtime. Can’t stand Homer. Very handsome and sweet but has a temper. Abby never did like the color red.

Max age and origins unknown. Manly, rugged good looks and no pushover. Rules the roost with a benevolent paw, but don’t sass him. Can take Homer down with both paws tied behind his back and Homer knows it. Broke Abby’s heart years ago

Mr. Muggles: Age and origin unknown. Live and let live is his motto. Scar above his left eye, doesn’t like to talk about it. Abby is an admitted snob and doesn’t give Mr. Muggles his due.

Molly, a black cat. Always seems to smell of sandalwood. Likes to meditate. If Abby had any competition Molly would be it. Abby doesn’t have any competition.

Emma, sandy colored Tabby. Knows how to walk the line. This is a girl with attitude. Has a secret crush on Homer. Somehow Abby has given her a pass, so far.

Eli an Orange Shorthair. Spoiled, wild and yet strangely innocent. Makes friends easily. Emma’s brother. She tries to keep him out of trouble. Abby can’t stand little boys.