Some say she is Abby The Bad Tabby

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Do cats communicate secretly:
Is that a trick question?

Are cats social animals:
​Cats love cocktail parties. They especially love pigs in a blanket. Cat socials date back Tens of thousands of years ago. The earliest evidence of a cat social was thought to be discovered in the Chauvet Caves of France. This was later found out to be a hoax.

Why do cats rub up against people and furniture?
Cats are nocturnal animals. They don’t see well in lighted areas and therefore they constantly bump up against people and objects. However because they are so graceful and humans’ tendency to anthropomorphosize everything, you perceive this as rubbing.

Can cats change their spots.
Yes of course they can.

​Is it true that a Cat can suck the breathe out of a baby?
​Of course not.  On the contrary, cats love babies. This is an ugly myth perpetrated by dogs. 

Why do people say it is raining cats and dogs?
We are not sure, this has stumped us too.

Are black cats really bad luck?
Once again, dogs will do anything to make a cat look bad.

Do cats have a 6th sense:

Scientists have conflicting opinions on this subject.

Can cats really be trained to use the toilet?
If you can’t train your husband or son to put the lid down don’t even think about this one.

Can cats swim?
​Recently scientist have uncovered fossils indicating that a cat’s tail was once a tail fin. Over millions of years as cats evolved from sea creatures to warm blooded mammals the tail fin evolved into its current form. Much like modern day dolphins cats covered thousands of miles across the oceans using their tails as a source of locomotion. Although cats prefer land to water now, when no one is looking they like to use their tails to make a splash. That is why there is always water on the counter when you come home from work at the end of the day.

Is there a link between cats and the Elders of Zion?
Working as a team, theologians, historians and Dan Brown have unearthed ancient scrolls that may once and for all shed light on this hotly contested topic. Once the scrolls have been translated from their ancient Coptic to English Mel Gibson will no doubt produce a movie that will lay out the themes in a way that will explain it to the rest of us.

Do cats have souls?
If Karl Rove has a soul then so does Fluffy.

Why do cats sleep so much?
​Blame it on the pharmaceutical companies. Because cats are gullible and unsuspecting, they all have been duped into unwittingly participating in sleep aide drug trials.

​Do you really think sleeping pills are harmless?
Look at the devastation it has reaped over the entire world’s cat population. At one times it was thought that cats ruled the world. Now look at them. Speaking of cabals...