Some say she is Abby The Bad Tabby

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About Abby

Little is known about Abby’s origins, she is reluctant to issue any details.  What is known from public records is that Abby was born in early 2000.  Abby resides in a residential area in Lowell, MA, the same home town of well know author Jack Kerouac. 

Abby as been quoted as saying:"I am not a beatnik I am a cat."

Abby's top ten favoritethings to do:

1.  Chasing her tail

2.   Reading Maureen Dowd’s latest column

3.  Hanging up on Scooty Libby late at night

6.  Ordering out from NAbu

7.  Rolling around on the floor

8.  Dressing up like Ertha Kitt

9.  Watching Oprah

10.Making fun of Bill O'Reilly