Some say she is Abby The Bad Tabby

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Abby's Favorite Things

Favorite color: Mousy brown 

Favorite Newspaper:
New York Post (Who can resist those headlines)

Favorite TV show: McLaughlin Group (loves to watch Tony and Eleanor go at it like cats and dogs.)

Favorite Actress:
Lauren Bacall (the eyes)

Favorite alibi: “My witness is the empty sky.”

Favorite Quote: “I’m not a beatnik, I’m a Cat.”

Ertha Kitt or Julia Newmar: Ertha Kitt

Favorite food: Anything on a plate is fair game

Secret pleasure: Bubble baths

Advise to Oprah: Get a cat

Favorite Book: The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (like the pictures)

Favorite Fabric: Pure Virgin Wool

Favorite word:
Treat time!

Least Favorite Word:

Favorite Swear Word:

Favorite snack: 
Papa Ginos Tuna pocket, hold the hots

What she hopes God will say when she enters heaven:  What's new pussy cat wowowowwowwow...